Miller Equestrian Horse Show with the Leica SL2

I'm not one to change cameras very often. That said, I was long overdue for a new camera and the Leica SL2 ticked all the boxes for me. It is by all measures a very unique camera and technically spec'd for the modern day. However, there is one factor that went into purchasing the camera that stood out above all else. Simplicity!

In my opinion cameras have become too complicated. Too many models, too many menus, too many features, too many buttons, too many megapixels and so on. I'll spare you the diatribe, but you get the idea. Then there's Leica! Leica is a standout in the camera world for its lineage, reputation and impeccable quality. They are also known for making the most simple and elegant cameras ever made. The majority of Leica cameras possess a certain look and feeling that only a user can describe. No matter your opinion of the brand, one thing is indisputable. The majority of the most iconic images ever taken, were taken on a Leica.

So why the SL2? It's because of the Leica Q. The Q was the first AF Leica I had ever purchased and it immediately became my go to camera for travel. Even over the M. I've said it a million times that if they ever came out with a 50mm version of the Q in addition to 28mm that I would only ever need two cameras. But this is another article in itself and probably about as likely as Leica increasing the shutter speed to over 4,000 on an M camera. Why draw the line on using mechanical shutters on digital cameras? You're already half pregnant! And breathe - one, two, three....Anyway, the Q was a game changer in my world and the SL2 appeared to be a larger, more souped up Q2 with the ability to change lenses. Perfect.

The SL2 possess the same elegant look and feel of a Leica but in a slightly larger package. The feel of the camera is superb from the minute you touch it. It's a simple camera much like the Q in that the menu and buttons aren't overwhelming. I see too many photographers these days fumbling through menus rather than focusing on what's really important - composition.

I won't bore you with tech specs and megapixels because honestly who gives a crap anymore. No real photographer does! We leave that to the tech dorks, reviewers and YouTube "professionals" trying to make a buck on having an opinion about the accomplishments of other people or companies. Here's a good rule of thumb to follow. If you wouldn't take advice from a stranger on the street, don't do it just because they're on your computer.

Lastly, the tools of our trade should be simple and the Leica SL2, like all other Leica cameras, fits the bill. It's an incredible camera that will bring you years of joy. Oh yeah, it takes nice pictures too.

Get out and shoot! John

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